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Ready for your full face and body transformation? Look no further. Whether it be treating and softening your lines with botulinum toxin, reversing the effects of time with dermal fillers, melting away stubborn fat, body sculpting and contouring, skin tightening, or laser hair removal let the team at Concierge Medical Aesthetics turn your dreams and goals into your reality. We offer an array of sophisticated and curated services tailored to help you become a more confident and beautiful version of yourself.

Our minimally invasive face and body sculpting and fat lipolysis are all done in a sterile fashion with the encouraged option of local and regional nerve blockade in combination with our inhaled analgesia for added comfort and ease during your procedure. 

Looking for hyperpigmentation correction, vascular leg and facial blemish elimination, laser hair removal, Botulinum toxin, dermal filler, prescription strength skin care, face tightening, fat destruction, or IV therapy?  These services are also offered at our center.  

Quality over quantity, close intimate follow up and communication, never rushed, and patient satisfaction over profits is our mission statement. You will never feel like just a patient at our practice but more like family. That is our guarantee

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Minimally Invasive face and body  contouring 

(Morpheus 8, morpheus body, morpheus V) 

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non invasive injectable treatments
(botulinum toxin, dermal filler, asclera, iv therapy)

 laser hair removal, ipl photo facial  blemish & vascular correction

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Short version: This was the best Botox experience of my life – if there was a 10-star option, I’d select it. Long version: We called on a Saturday night hoping to be seen on Sunday morning, and he responded instantly and let us schedule an appointment for the next morning. I have gotten Botox inconsistently for years, but I am getting married and wanted some Botox for the wedding. As soon as we arrived, he asked who the bride was and let me know he had a gift for my special day, and he made me feel like a million bucks. I was humbled by his selflessness and kindness, and that same sentiment continued throughout our entire appointment. As I mentioned, I’ve received Botox before, each appointment lasted about 5 minutes with limited discussion about what I was looking for. Dr. Khoshsefat spent time informing us about the process and making sure we were getting exactly what we were hoping for. I left feeling like I knew more about this procedure than ever before. Everything he did was a demonstration of his love for his work, and wanting to make sure his customers feel happy, welcome and satisfied. In addition, he recommended some skin care products for my dry skin, and the products he recommended are incredible and I’ll never stop using them! The morning after our Botox appointment, I was already able to see the results! And now I am two days out from my wedding, and I couldn’t be happier. If you have been getting Botox in 5-minute appointments like I had been, I recommend giving Dr. Khoshsefat a try. I honestly can’t imagine going to anyone else ever again.

— Lindsay L.

"There is a reason Dr. Khoshsefat has an all 5 star track record. This was the best Dr/Patient cosmetic experience I've had yet. Been to a lot of other facilities where they rush you in and out for your set 30 minute appointment, with not much communication or explanation of procedures. Dr. K is not your typical Dr, you can tell he truly loves his work and makes sure you get the best result possible. He doesn't rush or pressure you into anything, has the best rates around and makes sure you are happy with your results before you leave. In fact he triple checks with you to make sure you are happy with your end result. Can't say enough good things about this Dr, definitely will be a long time patient and really glad I found this place online!"

— Melissa B.

"I have never been so happy with my Botox! I have been getting Botox now for 7+ years and I have never had an injector take as much time and truly pay attention to the muscle movement around my forehead and eyes. As a result, I have the most natural looking Botox I have ever had. My face still moves but I don’t have any odd wrinkles, lifts or drooping, which can sometimes happen as a result of Botox. Josh pays attention to detail and it shows!

— Natalie D.

"I phoned Dr. Josh in a hurry to find a solution to my problem! I had mistakenly gone and received a hydraulic acid lip pen injection by someone who is not a Licensed Medical Processional (huge mistake btw). Needless to say, I got this procedure done by an esthetician and she left my lips swollen, blue, white and purple in color. It was terrifying in every way possible! I knew I needed to consult a medical doctor or a medical professional for what had happened to my lips immediately. I phoned this other medical aesthetics facility who refused to see me and evaluate my lips in here’s where Dr. Josh came through for me. he listened, and with kind concern without a doubt agreed to see me, on a Saturday. He was already away from the office and took his time to come back into the office to take a look at what had happened to my lips. He cared about my safety and well being as a human being. To Dr. Josh, I was not treated like a number or someone of unimportance. This man is special, highly intelligent, kind, courteous, professional the list goes on...and he really took his time with me to help and explain the process of what had happened. Long story short- I will NEVER go to another facility again for treatments. Dr. Josh is the only man I trust and I would not go anywhere else again. It is very obvious he cares very much about each and every one of his patients. He’s a rare type of Doctor and very genuine on top of the fact he’s one of few who actually knows what he’s doing!! He’s worthy of more than a 5 star review!! More like 10+!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for saving the day that could have been filled with further worry instead filled with relief and reassurance. :)"

— Sara S.

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