Northern California's premier injectable & minimally invasive face & body contouring center

Ready for your full face and body transformation? Look no further. Whether it be treating and softening your lines with botulinum toxin, reversing the effects of time with dermal fillers, melting away stubborn fat, body sculpting and contouring, skin tightening, or laser hair removal let the team at Concierge Medical Aesthetics turn your dreams and goals into your reality. We offer an array of sophisticated and curated services tailored to help you become a more confident and beautiful version of yourself.

Our minimally invasive face and body sculpting and fat lipolysis are all done in a sterile fashion with the encouraged option of local and regional nerve blockade in combination with our inhaled analgesia for added comfort and ease during your procedure. 

Looking for hyperpigmentation correction, vascular leg and facial blemish elimination, laser hair removal, Botulinum toxin, dermal filler, prescription strength skin care, face tightening, fat destruction, or IV therapy?  These services are also offered at our center.  

Quality over quantity, close intimate follow up and communication, never rushed, and patient satisfaction over profits is our mission statement. You will never feel like just a patient at our practice but more like family. That is our guarantee

Model Portrait

Minimally Invasive face and body  contouring 

(Morpheus 8, morpheus body, morpheus V) 

Young Model

non invasive injectable treatments
(botulinum toxin, dermal filler, asclera, iv therapy)

 laser hair removal, ipl photo facial  blemish & vascular correction

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